Tom Peters Top 9 Items for the Sales Force

Tom Peters’ newest book, the Little BIG Things, is well worth reading.  Recently, on his blog, he posted a more complete version of the Credo he included in the book.  Several of the items which, if not sales or sales force competencies, are certainly crucial sales requirements (they are abbreviated here – follow the link to Tom’s article for his complete descriptions):

  • Excellent Listeners
  • Unwavering Commitment
  • Development
  • Positive Evaluation Process
  • Mastery
  • Encourage Failures
  • Accept Blame
  • Celebrate Successes
  • Excellence as a Principal Benchmark

Tom had dozens of items on the list and an argument can be made to include more of them as staples of the sales force but these are a really good start.  If you were to pick just one to work on first, which one would you choose?

I’ll let you know which one mine would be…..

You thought I would pick Evaluation, didn’t you!  Nope.  Unwavering Commitment (whatever it takes).  That results in Mastery – and excellence.  Then we knock off the rest of them and we’re celebrating successes everywhere we look!