How to Achieve Consistency on the Sales Force


I was reconciling my Amex statement and found these charges:


I have always believed that in sales, the three most important attributes (not skills) are the willingness to do what it takes to succeed (commitment) the passion for being the best (desire), and the discipline to repeat the required behaviors and activities (consistency).  Those numbers?  My gasoline charges for last month.  They are certainly consistent – no matter how I got there.

  • I could have waited until my fuel gauge reached a certain point and pulled into the nearest service station – but that wasn’t it.
  • I could have stopped the pump before it approached $58.00 – but that wasn’t it.
  • I could have refueled whenever I passed a certain station I liked based on my schedule – but that wasn’t it.
  • I could have refueled on the same day and time each week – but that wasn’t it.
  • I could have driven a certain number of miles before refueling – but that wasn’t it.
  • It could have been a huge coincidence – but it wasn’t.

I am a very consistent individual.  Consistency simply happens because I expect it to happen.  It’s in my demeanor, which doesn’t change much regardless of what might be taking place.

  • If I am managing salespeople, that consistency applies to coaching and accountability.
  • When I am coaching clients, the consistency applies to the format and outcomes of the call.
  • If I am prospecting, my consistency applies to call quantity and quality.
  • When I am selling, my questions are very consistent.
  • I am consistent in the number of hours I work each day, as well as the time I wake up and begin work.
  • If you checked, you would find that most of the articles on this Blog are posted between 5:30AM and 6:30 AM. That time indicates when they are completed, not when they are started.  I usually begin them at 5:30 and some get done sooner than others.

You probably know some salespeople who are consistent too, but unfortunately, most of them are consistently bad!

Do you feel like fixing something on your sales force today?  Figure out what/who could be more consistent, determine what behaviors must change, identify something measurable, set better expectations, and drive the change home!