Case History – Sneak Preview of a Sales Candidate

describe the imageIt never ceases to amaze me when clients receive nasty-grams from sales candidates who are – let’s call it put-off – by the client’s request that they first take our on-line assessment.  The candidates receive a very nice email thanking them for sending their resume, explaining the client’s recruiting process and asking them to take the assessment.  You just wouldn’t believe some of the notes I’ve seen.  Name calling, cussing, threats, sarcasm, and more.  Here’s a typical sample:

“Are you looking for game show candidates?
On any given day, we splash you with a bucket of our LabCorp-tested, drug-free urine.
I’ve attached my photo so you can easily recognize me.
If you see me, I suggest you cross the street, you fucking douche bag.
Call me anytime and I will straighten you out.
And quickly.”

It doesn’t happen often but it’s always a shock to see such responses.  But there’s good news.  This is a no risk preview of how this sales candidate will respond, in the field, on the phone and via email, when things don’t go as expected.  It is representative of his normal behavior and you saved yourself, your staff, your company, prospects, clients and customers the horror of ever having to deal with this candidate.  So this…is a good thing!  In cases like these, the weaknesses come flying to the surface.  We can instantly tell that this candidate has no need for approval, huge difficulty recovering from rejection and gets emotionally involved rather quickly.  We can also see that he has little patience, inappropriate filters, an overbearing ego and no regard for process or protocol.  Just what you want in a new salesperson!

If you use Objective Management Group’s Sales Candidate Assessments and you weren’t able to attend the July 27 End-User Webinar where I walked everyone through the great changes, enhancements and new features (much more client-centric), we recorded it, and you can view the Webinar at your convenience by clicking here. [Update – the link has been fixed and it works now]