3 Sales Approaches of Elite Salespeople

On yesterday’s episode of Meet the Sales Experts, my three guests, sales development experts Chris Mott, Frank Belzer and Rick Roberge, discussed the topics behind their upcoming presentations at the MIT Sloan School of Business Sales Club Conference.

When addressing a listener’s question about skeptical prospects, it was interesting to listen, not only to their answers, but to HOW they answered.

Frank was strategic.

Rick was tactical.

Chris asked questions to further clarify.

Great salespeople must be able to easily use all three approaches on their sales calls.  Salespeople that struggle tend to have just one approach and it won’t work all the time.  A salesperson who defaults to tactics may lack the ability to strategically set the context for those tactics.  A salesperson who defaults to strategy may not be able to dive down deep and wide enough to ask concrete questions and provide specific examples.  And a salesperson who doesn’t first ask a bunch of quality questions to identify the real issue will waste their time talking about the wrong solutions.

How effective are your salespeople with these three approaches?