Identify the Perfect Sales Candidate for your Sales Force

Several years ago I wrote a White Paper that described both the original research as well as the ongoing research that drives our world-class, incredibly predictive, customizable sales specific candidate assessments.

When it comes to our assessments, we strive for excellence, by venturing wider and deeper than anyone else.  We can be aggressive for two reasons:

1.  Sales Specific – Since it was built for sales we have the data points that other assessment companies don’t have.

2.  Accuracy – Our predictive validity is around 95% – unbelievably high for an assessment.

During 2008, we worked to make our sales candidate assessments even more customizable and predictive.   We already had hirable and not hirable recommendations but we wanted to go even further.

We introduced Hirable – Ideal based on this article.

And we introduced Hirable – Perfect based on our ability to identify exactly what would make a perfect salesperson for a particular company.  We have to evaluate the existing sales force first and there have to be bona fide top producers – salespeople who not only produce more revenue than the others, but who are also strong salespeople as evidenced by their assessment results.  Then we can identify the exact requirements for our assessment to filter and produce a perfect candidate.  Pretty Cool!

For one company, our custom settings will recommend perfect candidates that are as good as or better than 96% of their top producers.

For another company, our custom settings will recommend perfect candidates that are as good as or better than 90% of their top producers.

So it was already pretty cool that we could recommend a salesperson who would end up in the top half of your sales force within a year.  And it got even cooler when we could recommend an ideal salesperson – one who would ramp up more quickly than normal.  And now I think it’s super cool that we can even identify the candidate who will rise to #1!

(c) Copyright 2009 Dave Kurlan