How to be Memorable – Things to Do When You are Selling Yourself

Tony ConigliaroFriday, Tom Schaff sent me something to show his appreciation.  He reviewed my book, Baseline Selling, noted the story about the very first baseball game I ever attended, found the original program from that July 9, 1964 game, and sent it along.  Wow!  He also sent the actual banner that was hung to memorialize my favorite player from the 60’s, Tony Conigliaro.

That was a very moving gesture – Thank you Tom!

Dexter Penny LoaferI received another gift from a candidate for a sales position I am filling for a client.  When I opened the FedEx package, there was a brand new size 10 (not my size) Dexter (not my brand) Penny Loafer (not my style) for my left foot (no right foot so I can’t wear it anyway).  The loafer had a note inside on personalized stationary, that said:

Dave, just wanted to get my foot in the door. Please consider me for the position with [client company].  Sincerely, [candidate name].

So the shoe wasn’t supposed to fit, it was simply a VERY MEMORABLE WAY to stand out in the crowd of candidates.

What was the most memorable thing you ever did or someone ever did to you to stand out and/or get attention? Forward the link to this article so that we can accumulate a nice collection of memorable actions!