Directors Want Better Boards – and Rightly So!

I’m off topic a little bit for this Blog, but not off topic for the work we do in companies each day.

Frederic’ pointed me to the October 19 edition of Harvard’s Daily Stat – “Directors Want Better Boards”. One of the quotes from this article is, Boards should view the current crisis as an opportunity to review the way they function. A healthy self-assessment can go a long way toward improving a company’s performance.

It’s that self-assessment phrase that makes this post only slightly off topic.

One of the many issues we identify is when Board Chairs and CEO’s take the lead in areas in which they don’t have the strengths or skills to justify taking the lead.  They often discount the contributions, thoughts and ideas of directors or executives who are stronger than they are in that area. As a result, the company is not always choosing the best strategies and ideas, or having the right discussions, asking the right questions, or making the right decisions at the right times.

Another issue we identify is where the board or executive team doesn’t have anyone who is particularly strong in an area. These voids need to be filled, either from inside or outside, in order for the board or team to function at its fullest capabilities.

These issues are examples of board and team limitations which, in normal times, only cause delays and missteps. But in these trying times, these limitations can be fatal.

Objective Management Group has a unique, kick-ass assessment that we conceived, developed and refined specifically for boards and executive teams of organizations.  There are even versions for profit and non-profit boards and they identify the limitations discussed above and many more like them. This powerful, insightful assessment will get boards and executive teams firing on all 8 cylinders very quickly.  

If you would like to learn whether our Key Management Dynamics Assessment can help your Executive Team or Board, simply send me an email.  Please include your zip code.