Accountability – 2nd of the 10 Kurlan Sales Management Functions

This is the 2nd in the series of the Top 10 Kurlan Sales Management Functions.


In its simplest form, sales accountability consists of the following:

  • Holding salespeople accountable to something measurable – metrics – on a daily basis
  • Being more demanding – being firmer and tougher
  • Eliminating Excuse Making – people take responsibility for their results
  • No more under achieving – everyone achieves and over achieves or else…

Here’s a video of me discussing Excuse Making…


Accountability is an ongoing function and takes place on the following time line:

  • in a daily huddle
  • no more than 5-10 minutes
  • with your entire team (in person or by teleconference)
  • using the power of peer pressure
  • everyone reports on the metrics on which they are being held accountable (it isn’t necessary for everyone to be reporting on the same metrics)

Yesterday, on this week’s edition of Meet the Sales Experts, my guest, Bob Waks, not only talked about passion and commitment, but his theme throughout the show was on building strong processes and systems and using them to hold people accountable. Click here to contact Bob.

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If you are going to focus on just one of the 10 Kurlan Sales Management Functions and hope to realize an improvement in sales, Accountability is the single function that will help you accomplish it.

(c) Copyright 2009 Dave Kurlan