5 Ways to Motivate Your Salespeople

I was coaching a senior leader today and the conversation turned to motivation, specifically, how to be a better motivator.

I believe that motivation is very misunderstood.  You can’t motivate by being a cheerleader, nor can you motivate by reciting somebody else’s inspirational quotes.  Motivation comes from within and you must find out what your salespeople’s internal motivators are.  Why are they doing this thing called selling?

The other thing that’s important to know is that everyone reacts differently to motivation and motivation takes many forms.  For instance, perhaps you have some people who respond to one of these methods when trying to get them to perform:

  • Challenge them (I have a challenge for you…do you think you’re up to it?)
  • Lose faith in them (tell them that you don’t think they can do it and they’ll say, “oh yeah?”)
  • Encourage them (I just know you can do this and they say, “thank you”)
  • Demand that they perform (You are required to do this and they say, “OK”)
  • Ultimatums (If you don’t do this you’ll be out of a job and they either do it or not)

Here are some additional sales personalities and the ways to get them motivated.

So here’s the assignment I gave this leader today.  Match up the method with the people (right people with the right method) and use the appropriate method to motivate each of them to achieve something you need them to accomplish.  Then report back to me with how they responded.

You’re welcome to take on the same assignment and report back right here.