With Manny in LA LA Land the Sales Force Can Produce

I posted this article earlier in the week before Manny Complainez was traded to the LA Dodgers. Mike Carroll posted this article earlier today.  The King of Self-Centeredness was granted his wish and sent off, leaving his teammates relieved, happy, and excited about their team’s future.

When your prima dona sales reps resign, your remaining salespeople feel the same way as Manny’s teammates. Let’s go sell because there’s nothing distracting us now.  Let’s set some records because there’s nobody bringing us down. Let’s make some money because there’s nobody trying to hog all the attention. Let’s have some fun because now this is a fun place to work.

Bye Manny.

Hello Harmony.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Red Sox climb out of the dark hole they’ve been in the last several weeks.

While this is an obvious issue for leadership, it’s also somewhat of a recruiting issue.  It’s leadership’s responsibility to make the decisions to get rid of the Manny’s that cause the problems that prevent everyone from producing to their potential.  It’s part of a company’s overall recruiting strategy to have a termination policy.  What’s yours?

(c) Copyright 2008 Dave Kurlan