Will Your Salespeople Change Behaviors to Improve Their Effectiveness?

This morning our six-year old son asked if he could dress downstairs in front of the TV instead of upstairs in his bedroom.  I said that whenever we bring his clothes downstairs he never seems to gets dressed, and then we’re running late, and everyone gets stressed so, in light of that, he should dress upstairs.  To my amazement, he said, “I’ve changed!”  He went downstairs, and to my astonishment, got himself dressed before he turned on the TV.

Yesterday, an employee was asked whether she would change and what that might look like. She said she would change and discussed what, specifically, those changes would be.

“I have changed,” is a belief and a statement of fact, while “I will change,” is a belief and a statement of hope, perhaps even a promise.   

All of your salespeople must change too, some much more than others.  Whether you are looking for new behaviors, more consistency, greater toughness in the face of adversity, or simply more hunting, it is ultimately change that you are after.  So which of the two options would you prefer? “I have changed” or “I will change”?

“I have changed,” while positive in that change has already taken place, is somewhat limiting because there is an assumption that no further change will take place.

“I will change,” where no change has yet occurred, is somewhat more open-ended with regards to how much can change.

There are pros and cons to both and neither is as good an option as “I have changed, will change some more, and will continue to change because I am committed to being the best that I can be.

Can your salespeople change?  Will your salespeople change?  Do you have to change in order for any of this change to take place?