When Salespeople Perform Poorly on OMG’s Sales Assessment

When a top producer doesn’t assess well on Objective Management Group’s Sales Assessment, how can it be explained?

These are some of the possible explanations:

  1. They inherited the business
  2. They have been around so long that all of the market wants to buy from them
  3. They are so likable that everyone wants to do business with them
  4. There is very little resistance in their marketplace among their targets so weaknesses don’t have a negative impact
  5. The results on which they are measured aren’t the correct numbers on which to judge performance
  6. They are being supported by an effective team, without whom they would fail.
  7. They have some intangibles that aren’t duplicatable or replicable in others
  8. The assessment was inaccurate

The findings in the assessment are accurate almost 100% of the time and the conclusions/recommendations in the assessment are accurate about 95% of the time.  Since it’s not perfect, we need to explain when there is an obvious disconnect.  The most common explanations are examples #1 and #2 above.  Sometimes it’s #7.  It’s hardly ever #8.