The Essence of Improving Sales Effectiveness

Your salespeople want a better, easier, simpler way to succeed. Yet as much as they want it, they very much want to hold on to what they know,  the routine, approach, beliefs, strategies and tactics they’ve always used.  Their security blanket.

Our job is to get them to let go of what they know and embrace what we need them to do, which will be better.  The problem is that they don’t think that the better way will be either easier or simpler because change never is easy or simple.

So is it really our job to get them to utilize the better way?  Or, is it our job to convince them to take the first step?  If we can show them that the very first step is simple and easy we can get them to take the first step.  Then we have a better chance of convincing them that the next step is simple and easy too.  And then, over time, we can get them to embrace a better way which will not only be simple and easy, but more effective.

This is the essence of selling.  Gradually, using baby steps and a lot of good questions, convince someone to change their position.

(c) Copyright 2008 Dave Kurlan