Stimulate the Economy – Get Your Salespeople Selling!

I was interviewed on two different radio shows today.  Jim Lobaito interviewed me about the impact that the economy is having on sales on his weekly business show and David Leopold interviewed me for his live Internet radio show, Let’s Talk Small Business.

I agree to these interviews and post often to the blog because I believe that in this economy we need to constantly raise expectations, set the proper, positive mindset, provide increased coaching, step up our accountability and upgrade our sales forces.  It is our responsibility to do what we can to fire up the economy by getting our salespeople to sell more effectively and stimulate the flow of money.  Are you doing your part by turning others onto this blog and others like it?  Are you sharing?

I’ve been interviewed dozens upon dozens of times and Leopold’s interview was the best.  His great questions got me talking about things I don’t usually get to talk about.  unfortunately, when I clicked the link to the show, it was the most amateur presentation I’ve seen to date. There was a video of a partially obscured David Leopold, sitting in a chair, holding the telephone up to a microphone.  It’s an extremely low quality, low volume, difficult to hear recording, yet it’s some of the best 40 minutes you’ll hear of me! If you want to give it a look/listen you can find it here.  Today (11/12/08) it’s the first listing on his site but if you’re finding this post at some point in the future you’ll have to find it down the list which is sorted by most recent.  Let me know what you think…

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