Some Executives and Their Egos

The local Methodist Church has one of those message signs out front so they can promote the minister’s next sermon.  Driving by yesterday, I noticed this message:

Sign is Broken.

Message Inside.

That’s how I feel sometimes.  So many companies need help but the CEO’s, President’s or Sales VP’s ego prevents him/her from admitting that there’s a problem.  They’ll read a book or attempt to pick an expert’s brain, but admitting that THEY haven’t been able to get year to year revenue growth to where they want it to be?  Fugetabout it.

This same group of executives have the exact same frustration with their salespeople who have similarly strong egos and are equally reluctant to admit to any flaws.

Book is Broken.  Email is Broken.  Phone is Broken.  Blog is Broken.  I am Broken.  Message Only Available After Confession.

(c) 2008 Dave Kurlan