Sales Effectiveness by Borrowing from Best Ball Golf Tournaments

Wouldn’t it be cool if your sales force got easy sales the way amateur golfers get easy pars at Charity run best ball golf tournaments?  I know this is a dramatic turn away from my baseball analogies but as the beneficiary of some pars that our team, and not me, earned today, I felt compelled to share.

Everyone would make a prospecting call and then the team would work the opportunity created by the salesperson who had the strongest call (best drive).  Then, the salesperson who is most effective asking questions (fairway wood, hybrid or long iron) would pick up the sales cycle from there, followed by the best qualifier (approach to the green), best presenter (green reader), and finally, the best closer (putter).

In best ball competition, many teams finish under par and in this version of team selling, more deals would get closed because salespeople would be doing what they do best.  How much better would your sales team perform if they sold this way?