Sales Appointments to Sell Free Services

Barbara left a voice mail for me today.  10 points for Barbara.

She got me to call back.  10 more points for Barbara.

When she finally had me on the phone she asked, “and who are you with?”  She lost 20 points and it was over for me right there.

She followed up with the absolute worst pitch ever. She said, “We’re going to be in the Westboro area giving out free proposals.  Would you like one?”

For what?

“Cleaning services”

Our property management company has cleaners in here every night so we don’t need that, but free proposals?  Did she think that was a paradigm shift or something? Was it the next coming?   Or are they so bad at getting people’s attention and getting them engaged that the only thing the prospect hears is the “free” and they respond positively, like, “oh yeah? Free? Really?  We don’t have to pay?  Sure.  I’ll take some free cleaning services!” Then it’s the case of miscommunicated expectations but hey, she got some poor salesperson an appointment to sell free cleaning services.