Putting “The Secret” to Work for You

Unless you’ve been living in a cave you’ve probably heard all about The Secret by now.  If you’re a driven person who has been among the living there is a really good chance that you’ve either watched the movie, read the book or visited their web site. I am asked often about The Secret, whether I believe in it and if it actually works so in today’s post.

Do I believe in it?  Yes. I’ve always believed in affirmations, goal setting and dreams.

Does it work? I have many personal experiences which, in hindsight, were a direct result of the process described in the Secret.  Since watching the secret and utilizing the process, I have experienced success by purposely following the process.

Why doesn’t it work for everybody?  Like every process, it is flawed and only as good as the user.  There are two crucial requirements missing from the Secret, at least as it is presented in the movie.

The first is urgency.  It is simply not enough to ask for what you want and review those requests each day.  It is not enough to visualize yourself with what you want each day.  You must also have a tremendous sense of urgency about those things that you want and maintain that focus throughout the day.

The second is action.  You have to do the work.  Nothing will come to you from simply asking for it.  You must do the work you’ve always done, only with more purpose, more intensity and more consistency.  It is from doing the work that the rewards will come.  I have always noted that when salespeople finally begin to execute a plan with consistency, business seems to fall from the sky – their reward.  But what is really happening is that the consistent focus on executing the plan keeps their eye on the goal and that is The Secret in action.