New Salespeople – Realistic Expectations

You’ve seen new salespeople start out and inside of 60 days, build a pipeline to be proud of. You’ve had some that started and couldn’t seem to book appointments without your coaching.  You’ve had some that were able to close some new business sooner than anyone expected.  You’ve had some who couldn’t get started because they didn’t want to speak with a prospect until they knew they could carry off a perfect phone conversation.  You’ve had some who never got started at all.  Why all this variation?

All of your salespeople are different and while you don’t want to make the mistake of hiring the person who will never get started (call anxiety or reluctance), the others I described are all variations of good to great salespeople with different levels of skills and strengths.  In order for them to meet your expectations, you’ll simply need to have a better idea of what you’re getting and they’ll need to have a better idea of what to expect from you.

A simple formula like this might help them understand what you expect:

Below, you’ll find a table with sample data already filled in:

You’ll find a way to fit nearly every salesperson, whether cautious or adventurous, into this formula.