May 11 Came Early – What Else Can We Change?

One of the things I pay attention to is the day each year that leaves appear on the trees.  In Central Massachusetts, where I live, it usually occurs right around May 11.  This year, thanks to some unusually prolonged warm weather, the buds have popped, the fruit trees have flowered and there are leaves appearing on the trees.  They’re not full-size yet but will be in a matter of days.  May 11 came early.

If we can get mother nature to make an exception, then we can change all kinds of beliefs about how long a sale cycle must take, what does and doesn’t work in our industry, who, by title, we can call on, our position in the marketplace, and the way our prospects respond to our products and services. We can change our beliefs as to what our salespeople are capable of, who can lead the team in sales, and how effective they are at finding and closing business.

If we can change the day that May 11 arrives, we can change the world.

(c) Copyright 2008 Dave Kurlan