Managing the Sales Force – The Calendar

Your all day event cancels, leaving you with nothing scheduled today.  You could:

  • catch up on uncompleted projects
  • update all of your spreadsheets
  • catch up on your email and phone calls
  • make some prospecting calls
  • spend time watching your salespeople
  • go in the field with a salesperson or two
  • take a salesperson in the field with you
  • stay home and nap
  • work on strategy
  • provide some additional coaching
  • get some quiet time and see how many ideas you come up with
  • schedule meetings with clients/customers
  • update your CRM system and/or web site
  • play 18 holes of golf

As the person in charge of your sales organization, suddenly facing a free day, which activity do you choose?  Which activity should you choose?  Is it the same activity?

Weigh in and leave your comments!

(c) 2008 Dave Kurlan