Jon Lester No-Hitter Like Sale of a Lifetime?

Tonight, Jon Lester, of the Boston Red Sox, pitched a no-hitter. It was the first no-hitter by a Red Sox left-handed pitcher in more than 30 years. It was the second no-hitter by a young, promising Red Sox pitcher in eight months. I attempted to find the probability of pitching a no-hitter but all I could find was a scientifc formula that one would have to understand in order to get the answer. So I took another route, estimating that there are approximately 3820 games played per season and, maybe 1 or 2 no-hitters per year. So that would make the odds of hurling one about 1 in 1900 or a mere .05% chance.

So, I wondered, what would the sales equivalent of a no-hitter be?

a. Landing the Biggest Account of Your Life?
b. Closing the Biggest Sale of Your Life?
c. Beating out the Biggest Competition?
d. Getting the Business Everyone Said You Couldn’t Get?
e. Having your first million dollar income year?
f. Winning the sales contest?
g. Being named top salesperson out of hundreds or thousands?
h. Closing 43 in a row?
i. Bringing in your first sale?
j. Landing the $50 million contract after a 2 year sale cycle?
k. other

Leave your comment below and let us know whether it’s one of the examples above or you had another experience that was the thrill of a lifeteime.

(c) Copyright 2008 Dave Kurlan