Gossage and Sox-Yankee Playoff a Key to Sales Competency

Goose Gossage, recently elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, recalled the biggest game of his life.  It was the 1978 one-game playoff between his New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.  He talked about being nervous and asked himself why he was so nervous.  He asked himself, “what’s the worst that can happen?”  Read the article here before reading on.  Thanks to Rich Myers for turning me onto that article.

So his fastball was faster and had more movement – after he relaxed – and realized that the worst that could happen would find him hunting elk back home in Colorado.

There is a strong sales lesson there too.  Salespeople are far more effective when they are relaxed.  They listen better, ask better questions and have more fun.  Have your salespeople go through the ‘worst that could’ happen exercise.  Have them ask themselves that question before, during and after every sales call.  Their expectations will be more realistic, their questions more aggressive, and their results more effective.