Filling the Sales Pipeline – Who’s to Blame?

You’ve installed the latest and greatest application to track, monitor and review your pipeline. You’ve provided them with training to assist them in adding new opportunities to the pipeline. You’ve let the sales force know that they must add new opportunities to the pipeline now. There are individual goals and quotas that support the team’s goals and quotas and it’s now or never.

In one company, the entire sales force followed through and they added nearly 30 new opportunities to the pipeline in just a week.

In another company, some of the people followed through and some didn’t.  Of those that didn’t fill their pipelines, some were more than capable. So I have three questions for you:

  1. If they are capable of adding new opportunities to the pipeline but they don’t, what must you do in order to not lose credibility, potency and momentum with the rest of your team?
  2. >With those who aren’t yet capable of filling their pipeline, how can you excuse them when the initiative applied to everyone?
  3. Whose responsibility is it that not everyone filled their pipeline?

Add your comments below and we’ll what you all come up with.  The best response wins an autographed copy of Baseline Selling.

(c) Copyright 2008 Dave>Kurlan<