David Copperfield for the Sales Force

On Friday evening we saw David Copperfield perform his outstanding style of illusion at the Opera House in Boston. Every single illusion was incredible, leaving us wondering, “How the %$!& did he do that?”  At the request of an audience member, he even performed one illusion over again – in slow motion – to the same outcome.

And now, as always, the sales management takeaway;  Your salespeople should be imitating David Copperfield on every single sales call.  At the end of calls, their prospects should be wondering what just happened to make them feel so good.  They should not be frustrated and they should not be able to point to any specific thing your salespeople did or didn’t do.  They should not be able to provide a critique of their performance!

Unfortunately, ineffective salespeople are very transparent and their prospects see each of the moves they make – and more often, don’t make.  There are so many salespeople who don’t do anything beyond presenting that the only illusion taking place is to call those individuals “salespeople”.