Commitment on the Sales Force – Becoming More Rare

As more and more is expected of salespeople today, I see less and less commitment to do what it takes.

Bob says he can’t effectively perform in his role unless he puts in 50-55 hours per week and he’s just not a 50 hours per week guy.  By the way, at 50 hours he’d be putting in 15 fewer hours than me.

Greg is having trouble getting to the right people, despite the lessons learned from two years of calling on the wrong people and learning how far that can go.

Bill is having anxiety attacks but is sure to mention that it isn’t an excuse.

Charlie didn’t want to do it my way for many months.  After finally realizing that his way doesn’t work, he’s finally willing to listen – to the parts he agrees with.

Phil works as hard as anybody but he’s way too nice.  Prospects get away with sticking in his pipeline for way too long.

And to top it all off, executives seem to put up with it, not willing to hold their people accountable to the levels of commitment that are required for success.

Enough ranting by me. You’re welcome to rant as long as you don’t use their real names!