Why Do We Return to Disney World?

Is it the buses that run perpetually late?  The transportation that has more passengers than seating? The hour it takes to get from your hotel to the theme park?  All the walking?  The hour plus wait times to get into the attractions or onto the rides?  Could it be the Concierge that provided anti-septic skin soap for a scraped knee, only to make it sting even worse?  Maybe it’s the lines for food, the unavailability of fine dining reservations or the inability to speak to a live human on the phone.  Maybe it’s just too damn hot down there.  Which ever one you choose, there are always plenty of blood-boiling, frustrating, aggravating reasons for hating Disney. So why are 70% of the visitors returning to the scene of the exhaustion?

It’s easy.  All of those problems are forgotten the minute you see your kids smiling, laughing, gawking, wide-eyed, thankful, excited and more – without end – the entire time you’re in the park.  That’s why we go.  That’s why we return.  We’re willing to put up with all that crap, stuff we’d never put up with at home, for those brief moments of pure bliss.  They’re compelling reasons to visit and that’s why people buy from your companies, for their compelling reasons, not yours.