Public Speaking? Get Out From Behind the Podium!

Today I spoke to EO Boston in the tent at the 18th fairway of the Pro-Am day of the Bank of American Championship at Nashawtuc CC in Concord MA.  Jerry Pate, the professional golfer turned broadcaster, successful golf course developer and business person, spoke before me. He was scheduled to speak for about 15 minutes and seemed ready to finish when it happened.  The microphone went dead.  That forced him to come out from behind the podium and, with no microphone, he relaxed, and suddenly had a lot more to say, about a lot more subjects and went on for another 45 minutes.

What a great example of how microphones and podiums intimidate even those who have to speak fairly often.  How can this lesson help you?  Always insist on a wireless lavaliere microphone so you won’t be aware that you’re using a mic.  And always get out from behind the podium – it’s what stands between you and your audience.  And if you’re using Power Point ™ slides, make sure that they are simply talking points – don’t read your slides!!!