If Your Salespeople Can Spell They Can Sell

This is my last post of 2007.

I dropped off our son at school this morning and one of the girls was spelling the names of her parents.  A parent remarked that she didn’t think her own kid could spell the names of her parents.  Just then, a boy said, “I can’t spell my mom’s name but I know all the letters – K-I-M”.

Salespeople are like that too.  They often have difficulty being able to express exactly what they do.  They have a process but they can’t articulate it.  They ask questions but don’t know why or when.  They close but can’t point to anything in particular that they always do to get the business.

It’s important that you help them become consciously aware of the things they do so they are performed with a purpose in mind and unnecessary steps can be eliminated.  It’s also important for you to help them integrate and execute the things they don’t currently do so that their calls are more thorough and they aren’t missing crucial steps.

The process for selling should go alot like 1st-2nd-3rd and the protocol for asking questions should follow A-B-C…