Hiring Salespeople – Poor Phone Interview Comes to Life Part 3

I posted two articles (#1 and #2) earlier today about assessments coming to life from follow up emails I received from candidates.  They were upset that they weren’t invited in for an interview, after their short phone interviews with me. Here’s another one.  This time, can you guess which weaknesses are exposed in this short email?

“Shame on you, Mr. Kurlan.

I was, and I am, a very credible candidate for the position you are trying to fill.

Good luck.”

She was very abrasive in the phone interview, and, among the weaknesses that were indicated on her assessment, were Difficulty Recovering from Rejection, Excuse Making, and Gets Emotionally Involved.

Using the OMG Sales Candidate Assessments in your sales recruiting process is remarkable in that you’ll almost always see the findings on the assessment come to life if you handle the phone interview and live interviews the way we teach them.