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Rick Roberge posted this on his TheRainmakermaker.com Blog about Entrepreneurs that (have to) sell and the frustrations they have balancing work and life.

Last month I spoke to the sales class in the Entrepreneur’s program at Clark University. They are filled with great ideas and eager to learn how to get those ideas sold to investors, customers and potential partners. They have a better concept of selling than many salespeople do because they don’t have any Self-Limiting Beliefs. They just think that it’s easy and they expect to do succeed without any difficulty. How refreshing! On the other hand, they don’t have much of a grasp on how to prove to investors that their ideas are worthwhile. They don’t have a sense for who would buy from them or how to identify the compelling reasons why they would buy. This is due to their overall lack of experience in the business world rather than a lack of process or skills.

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