Consistent Sales Performance

What does it take for a company to achieve consistent, predictable sales performance?  It takes consistency from its salespeople.

What does it take for a company to receive consistency from its salespeople?  It takes discipline – two kinds – where you not only have disciplined salespeople but you also have disciplined sales managers, forcing their less disciplined salespeople to be disciplined.

And what exactly drives this discipline?  Urgency. They must feel it and you must feel it too.  If your salespeople don’t possess the internal urgency to make things happen, then they must feel the urgency from you in the form of pressure and accountability.  The key is that the urgency must come from somewhere!  And if you don’t feel the urgency, then what will cause you to make your salespeople feel that urgency?

Give yourself – and your salespeople – the urgency test.  Who has it?  How does that correlate to performance, consistency and sales results?  What has to change?