Can a Womens’ Rights Activist Help Your Sales Force?

Friday, I was at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA., to attend the inaugural event of the Female Leadership Interest Council (FLIC) a 501c3 non-profit.  The featured speaker made points that had her audience of more than 300 (nearly all women) applauding, laughing, nodding their heads in approval and thinking really hard about the issues she raised. 

This intelligent, thought-provoking voice of the feminist movement for the past 40 years, the founder of Ms. Magazine, and the author of several books is Gloria Steinem.  As a guy, I was pleasantly surprised to find her so inspirational, motivational, helpful and relevant in 2007.  And in my opinion, most of what she had to say moved people forward, not just women. I think she’s one of the greatest thought leaders of our time.

But this is a Blog about Understanding the Sales Force so how does Gloria Steinem’s speech tie in?  One of her many insights referred to what women should say (to themselves) when they look at themselves in the mirror.  She urged them to say things like, “I see a business owner” or “I see a candidate” instead of “I look fat.”

Well, that’s exactly what you need your salespeople to do each morning if you want them to become over achievers.  They need to look at themselves in that mirror and say, “I see a winner” and “I see a very successful salesperson” and “I see someone who busts through quotas”.  Even more helpful, especially for those who are attempting to overcome weaknesses like Need for Approval and the Tendency to Become Emotionally Involved are the following:

  • “I see a well-respected professional salesperson”
  • “I see a likable salesperson that doesn’t need to be liked”
  • “I see someone who can stay cool”
  • “I see someone who doesn’t panic”

These are affirmations that help your salespeople become everything they can be and they are powerful solutions to the Self-Limiting Records (beliefs)  they possess.

The lingering question you’re probably asking yourself though, is this; Why was Dave Kurlan at this event?  It so happens that the founder of FLIC is the brilliant, successful marketing expert, Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc.  I would never miss one of her appearances or events because aside from being the wonderful woman I married 16 years ago, whether she is on a stage or in a board room, she is an inspirational, captivating presence in her own right.