How Salespeople Contribute to Losing Accounts – Post Mortem

Last week I posted an article about horrific customer service and non-existent follow-up by salespeople.  Today, I offer you the post-mortem, the “I can’t believe this is still not completely resolved after everything that happened in the last two weeks” post.

My accountant called today and requested the employer copies of the W-2’s for 2006.  Guess what the payroll company neglected to send me with the employee W-2’s?  But at least I had Moshika to call. She said, “You can get them on line.”

I said, “But I called you.”

She replied, “OK, I’ll send you hard copies then.” Duh.  And then she said, “OK, I’m printing your employee copies of the W-2’s.”

I said, “That’s what you sent last week.  I need the employer copies.”

Now accepting offers from interested payroll companies….Paychex need not apply.

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