12 Reasons People Say No

Seth Godin treaded on my turf (I love when he does this!) again by posting the two reasons why people say no to your idea.  Only two?

Seth’s two: “It’s never been done before”. “It’s already been done before”.

Here are ten more that you and your salespeople have to deal with when blazing a trail for your new product or service:

  • They don’t like you.
  • They don’t like the way you pitched them.
  • They don’t like your model.
  • They don’t like your pricing.
  • They didn’t appreciate being interrupted right now.
  • They don’t like the idea.
  • They don’t like your company.
  • You sucked.
  • The timing isn’t right.
  • They aren’t the right person to pitch to.

Make sure your salespeople are prepared for these scenarios – not so they can handle them when they come up, but so that they can prevent them from coming up!

Thanks for beginning the topic Seth.