Why Isn’t This Sales Candidate Hirable?

When a client runs a pre-employment assessment on a candidate and the results are unfavorable, the client will sometimes push back and fight the unfavorable finding. Why? They already fell in love with the candidate and, rather than wanting the truth about the candidate, they prefer validation of their feelings. How does one avoid this outcome? All candidates should be assessed prior to being interviewed so that the employer has objective intelligence for the interview.

Recent guidelines from the EEOC suggest that someone becomes a candidate as soon as they respond with a resume to an internet posting. Guidelines further suggest that if an assessment (must be EEOC compliant, validated, reliable and consistent in its findings) is being used, then all candidates must be assessed.

In summary, if you want to fill your sales organization with ‘A’ players, assess using a predictive sales specific assessment, http://www.objectivemanagement.com, prior to speaking with any candidates by phone or in person.