What is it About Baseball Books?

A recent post on 800CEORead.com was titled ‘What is it About Baseball Books?’. It was a good article but, given the audience, Top Management Executives, I wondered how the author, Jack Covert could have omitted the two baseball books actually written for his audience. They are Jeff Angus’ fine management book, Management by Baseball, and my book, Baseline Selling.

I understand that Jack was actually writing about baseball books that excited him and that it wasn’t intended to be an article about management books. But it was an opportunity to show that in addition to the excitement felt when reading a great book about baseball, the sport can also be used quite effectively as both a sales and sales management metaphor. In Jeff Angus’ case, those great, exciting stories are used as examples to illustrate both effective and ineffective management styles. In my case, baseball rules, tactics and strategies are used as guidelines for the selling process.

Come on Jack, Blog about the business books of baseball!

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