Value Proposition

Today, I witnessed – again – just how ineffective companies are at providing their salespeople with useful tools. The Value Proposition, a frequent offender, earned the honors today. So many salespeople are walking around with what they think are value propositions when in fact they are nothing more than claims, marketing messages, features and benefits. Today’s winner of the worst Value Proposition was ‘we make you money’.

Are your salespeople properly equipped with a powerful Value Proposition? Ask them each to email you their Value Proposition and watch what happens. If the Value Proposition does not contain any of the following, you failed!

  • How you are different
  • How your company adds a valuable extra to its product or service
  • How you save a customer/client money (something other than a better price)
  • How you provide a unique expertise
  • How you can be used as a unique resource
  • How you do things better

Fine tune your value proposition today and watch what happens!
(c) Copyright 2006 Objective Management Group, Inc.