UPSA Professional Selling Ethics Framework

The United Professional Sales Association (UPSA) has unveiled their long-awaited Professional Selling Ethics Framework for world-wide release and incorporation into the UPSA Certification Program for salespeople.

I reviewed their 12 Commandments and threw up. Not at all of them, but certainly some of them take the power right out of the salesperson’s hands. Like, ‘The Right to a Fair Price’ and ‘The Right to Confer’. Why can’t I have the highest price is I’m offering something I think is far more valuable? Why can’t I get someone to make a decision if a decision is what was expected? And the one I hate the most, ‘The Right to Information’, by itself is OK, but when you add item a…’in the manner that you request’, it makes me wonder why we spend all of our time training salespeople to ask lots of questions instead of presenting information.

What do you think?

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