Selling in the Upcoming Recession

Bill believes he has a great new opportunity, pursues it and gets shot down – three times – because the company placed a freeze on spending in the face of a (pending) recession.  It is coming and sooner than you think.  What Bill does next depends more on Bill than whether there’s another viable strategy.

First, does he believe he was rejected and, more importantly, is he feeling rejected?  If so, he won’t put himself back in that situation again.

Second, is he concerned about upsetting this prospect?  If so, he won’t go back and risk damaging the relationship, if there is one, by asking some more questions and trying again.

Third, does he have a sense of urgency?  If not, he won’t put himself through the ordeal.

Fourth, is he pissed off, frustrated, or anxious about his failure?  If so, he’s emotionally involved. That could cause him to miss important buying signals, comments and explanations.  If not, it could cause him to not care enough to try again.

Fifth, does he believe he has his answer or does he believe there’s a different answer if he can find the right questions or words?  Having a strategy does wonders for one’s confidence.

Sixth, was the prospect qualified at the time he attempted to close?  Was it the right person?  Was it properly set-up?

Overcoming objections is tough business.  Going back after a prospect says no is even tougher.  Moving on in the face of adversity is sometimes even more difficult than that.  What kind of salesperson does it take to go back for more and, at the same time, move on and find new business?

How tough are your salespeople? Are they tough enough to sell effectively and consistently in the upcoming recession?  They were taking orders when the times were good but will they be able to sell when prospects stop buying?

Let us help you identify those who will have what it takes to thrive in the upcoming recession.