Sales Coaching – Between the Lines

If you read Baseline Selling then you’re familiar with my research and data. There is an elite 6%, a top 26% and then all other salespeople. That’s right, a bottom 74%. Don’t believe it?  Look at your own sales force and the requests for help that you get – that’s if you get asked for help. If the coaching you’re asked to provide is anything like the coaching I’m asked to do, it also falls into the top 26% and bottom 74% department.

The top 26% ask questions like, ‘OK. I have this prospect, they need us, there are compelling reasons to buy from us, they like us, the problem is killing them, they know we can help them, but they can’t justify spending 34% more to do business with us. I know I’ve differentiated and built a good relationship but we’re $18,000 higher and they’re supposed to be on a cost lowering initiative. I’ve got the decision maker and he just doesn’t want to be the exception to the rule that he created in his company. What should I do?

The bottom 74% ask questions like, ‘I’m not comfortable picking up the phone. Can you help?’ Or they ask, ‘How can I get prospects to return my phone calls?’ Or they ask, ‘How can I get prospects to stop thinking it over?’

Can you see the difference? Complex vs. Simple. Sophisticated vs. Basic. Knowledgeable vs. Uninformed. Which salespeople do you have?

By the way, can you provide the solution for the first salesperson? Submit your comments!