Sales and Sales Management – Ideas for Growth

Today I was asked about the difference between sales training and sales development. They are the same except for one ENORMOUS difference. Sales training takes place in the classroom and is often difficult to apply and put into practice. Sales Development takes place throughout the sales organization from the top executives down through the most junior of salespeople. While sales training is a component of sales development, some of the components that are even more important include:

  • assessment
  • alignment
  • right-sizing
  • market strategies
  • pipeline management
  • activity tracking
  • accountability
  • coaching
  • recruiting process for hiring and retaining A players
  • optimization
  • selling system
  • selling process
  • selling strategies
  • value added proposition
  • compensation
  • incentives
  • CRM
  • coaching
  • motivation
  • leadership
  • sales management effectiveness

Sales training works most effectively when sales development is properly in place.