Great New Book on Selling – The Inside Story

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I thought I would share some background about the book.

The Rub – My research and statistics from evaluating 250,000 salespeople revealed that 74% of all salespeople are ineffective.

The Question – Since most salespeople in the sample group were experienced and worked in companies and industries where they had access to training, why were they so ineffective?

The Answer – Sales training, books, methodologies and approaches, developed over the past 30 years, are too complex for the typical salesperson. Too many steps, difficult questioning techniques, too manipulative, too ineffective and, most often, nearly impossible to apply to your business.

The Premise – Introduce a powerful selling process that is so simple, so memorable and so enjoyable that every salesperson can understand it, apply it and get immediate results with it.

The Metaphor – Baseball. You already know the four steps. Get to first, get to second, get to third and score. You already remember it. And it uses plenty of fun ‘rules’ from baseball to help you reach each base.

Rules – Baseline Selling uses ‘The Cycle’, ‘The Hanger’, ‘Speed on the Bases’, ‘The Suicide Squeeze’, ‘The Hidden Ball Trick’, ‘The Table Setter’, ‘Taking a Lead’, ‘Leveling the Playing Field’ and more to get the points across.

The Content – In addition to helping you understand how to move the process to and beyond each base until you score, Baseline Selling also helps you understand every obstacle you could encounter along the way, including your and your fears, discomforts, weaknesses and limitations. And it guides you to overcome all of that.

Scoring – Baseline Selling introduces the simplest, most powerful and least threatening close ever: The Inoffensive Close. Even you can ask the last of the three questions in this close: ‘Would you like me help?’

Summary – You’ll get to first base a lot more often, differentiate yourself from your competition better than ever before, have better qualified opportunities in your pipeline, and close a larger percentage of prospects. Sound too good to be true? Read the book and see for yourself.

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