Golf and Selling – The Fundamentals of Sales

I took up Golf last summer so this month marks a year at this frustrating, humiliating, challenging, and surprisingly addictive game. I’ve made great strides in just a year but I still haven’t broken 100, still hit balls with amazing inconsistency and still can’t tolerate my performance on the course. That’s just the way I am. Saturday, I took my 25th lesson, hoping to ‘straighten’ out my recent woes. It turned out to be a very simple adjustment to get me hitting the ball straight again. I had developed a bad habit with my grip – ironic since that was the very first thing I learned. Back to basics.

Isn’t sales exactly the same? When salespeople are struggling and even when they’re not, why don’t they work on and practice the basics? Of course, that requires knowing what the basics are….What do you think? What are the basics that your salespeople should be practicing?
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