Zig Ziglar Meets Dave Kurlan

He walked in wearing a leather jacket and slacks, a vibrant man, not looking nearly as old as his 85th birthday party would suggest.  While he no longer looked like the man on the cover of “See You at the Top”, the world’s most well known motivational speaker and author looked a lot better than men 20 years younger than him.

Today I was speaking to CEO’s in the Dallas area, at Gleneagles Country Club.  I was in the hallway, waiting for the event to get started when Zig walked in.  My host for the day, Jeff Johnson, president of SalesQuest , said, “Zig, I love you.  Can I give you a hug?”  I’m embarassed to say that if he hadn’t blurted that out, I probably wouldn’t have recognized Zig.

Jeff invited Zig to say hello to our audience and it must have been a thrill for them.  They paid to see me and they got Zig for free!  I’ll stop here before I get carried away with the rhyme as I’m at the Dallas Airport and it’s boarding time.