Salespeople – Beyond Listening Skills

Salespeople with good listening skills will hear the issues their prospect relates. Salespeople with good questioning skills will identify the problems causing those issues. Salespeople with both listening and questioning skills will be able to reiterate those problems and issues.

Taking it one step further, some of the best salespeople – and often some of the most simple-minded of them – have the ability to recognize the one compelling thing for which their prospect will invest money. Your salespeople must be able to see the forest through the trees in order to do this. They must be able to shotgun through their list of problems and be able to say to the prospect the one thing that might not even be on the list, like, ‘it’s clear to me that the single biggest problem you have is how overwhelming this all is…’

That prospect will spend money, with your company, to no longer feel overwhelmed with their whole list of issues because your salespeople can help them with their issues.

Help your salespeople learn to do this and they will double or even triple their sales.