That’s The Way It’s Supposed to Be

I write a good percentage of my articles about the things companies do incorrectly, the errors in their thinking and the awful job of executing by the sales organization. Sometimes, I forget to point out that some companies do things right. Today I heard from a company that had two staff recruiters who hadn’t been sourcing enough candidates to fill their openings. The candidates they did find often failed. Just two weeks after beginning to use our Sales Candidate Assessments when we also delivered our proprietary STAR Training, a comprehensive, consistent, effective sales recruiting process, this client was in heaven. Plenty of candidates, a third of them were recommended, and they feel like they’re in control again.

That’s the beauty of an integrated solution. When a company switches out just one piece, like adding or changing the assessment without changing anything else, it is likely that the results will be unacceptable. When a company creates a complete new recruiting process using best practices and industry leading tools, it is likely that the results will be thrilling. After all, it would be a thrill to see heaven.