Money Motivated Salespeople

The other day a client asked me about a salesperson about whom the assessment indicated wasn’t money motivated. He went on to tell me how often this salesperson tells him he needs to make more money and wants a larger base. I explained that this is more a case of ‘money need’ rather than money motivation. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is:

  • Money motivated salespeople don’t ask for more money, they earn it;
  • Money motivated salespeople want the money for ‘extras’ like vacation homes, travel, sports cars, planes, boats, home theaters and college;
  • Salespeople with ‘money need’ want the money to pay bills;
  • Salespeople with ‘money need’ expect you to give them the money;

Finally, it is your responsibility to convert salespeople from having money need to being money motivated and the most effective method for accomplishing this is to have them go through a professional goal setting program.