Consistently Inconsistent

We have discussed many of the problems associated with optimizing and understanding the sales force but it all comes down to consistency. There may be expectations, accountability and coaching. The same goes for motivation, effective recruiting, support, direction and guidance. When all of the salespeople consistently perform pipeline building-activities, most of the problems in a sales organization disappear.

The problem though, is that in most companies, consistency only describes what the salespeople fail to accomplish. They consistently fail to qualify. They consistently fail to ask the right questions. They consistently fail to proactively and aggressively prospect for new opportunities. They consistently fail to fill the pipeline. They consistently fail to close when the closing opportunity appears. They are consistently inconsistent. As a result, management must become more effective at coaching, motivating and most importantly, holding their salespeople accountable.

When all that fails, the efforts must turn to recruiting where the emphasis must be on selecting high quality sales performers; those who will consistently perform the activities described in the previous paragraph. But many companies fail there too. They hire people they like rather than people they can count on and the circle of failure continues.

Where can you start? How difficult would it be for you to insist on consistency? When consistency is the expectation and you hold people accountable, consistency is what you’ll get!