Compensation Stupidity Again?

It happened again today. A company, complaining about their lack of quality candidates and disproportionate number of “not recommended” candidates, blamed the assessment. However, they were nice enough to send along their ad, conceding that perhaps, their posting needed some tweaks. Tweaks? It needed reconstructive surgery!

They actually used phrases like “must have been an award winner” and “must have been the top salesperson” and “must have major account experience.”  They also sought a strong work ethic, determination, experience selling conceptual, high priced technological solutions to senior management. The candidate even needed industry experience. What’s wrong with all that? The ad described a superstar. They promised sky-high commissions. The ad said “prior income of $50K required.”

The candidates are out there. But when you offer to pay little more than entry level money yet expect your candidate to have a $250K pedigree, you will consistently fail to attract, select and retain top talent.

So raise the bar. Look for better people. Hire top talent. But for crying out loud, be willing to pay for that level of talent.